December Updates

December Updates

We’ve deployed some pretty major changes this month! Check them out!

Custom Member Fields

Administrators can now create custom fields that can be used to store any type of information desired about members. For instance if you want to record if a member is part of a particular classroom in a school, you can create a field called Classroom. Admins can either set these values themselves or allow members to do it.

Admins can configure these fields in the admin site under My Coop > Preferences. Hope you love this new feature!

Member Debt Limit

Co-ops sometimes struggle with members ordering large quantities of goods but not paying in time, making it hard for the co-op admins to pay the bills. FareShare now helps prevent this by allowing admins to set a Debt Limit.

The debt limit is a restriction placed on members’ accounts which can prevent their accounts going too much into arrears. It is optional and flexible. Here are some ways it can be used:

  • Allow members some room to order products in advance of payment – ie. order now pay later.
  • Require members to have credit in their account before being able to order anything.
  • Require members to have a positive balance at all times which will help your co-op maintain a positive account balance so paying suppliers should never be a problem.

Administrators can set the debt limit in the admin site under My Coop.